Capacity building workshop on technical writing

Conducted a three-day Capacity building workshop on technical writing on August 28- 30, 2018 at NCBI-PCRWR, Islamabad. The purpose of this workshop was to build the capacity of Pakistani project partner organizations which is essential for the professional development as well as project publications. Around 30 professionals from 10 partner organizations including ICARDA, PID, UAF, […]

Stakeholder Forum Meeting at Sahiwal (7/11L)

The workshop on improving Groundwater management to enhance Agriculture and livelihoods of Farmers in Pakistan was conducted at the Dera of Mr Sheraz Sandhu (03006901432) at Chak No 7/11L (Lahorianwala).The interactive session included group discussion, presentation by facilitators of groups, Feed back and action plan. Australian Scientists Dr Micheal, Dr J. & Miss Kathrine presented […]

Imran, M., Ali, A., Ashfaq, M., Hassan, S., Culas, R. J., & Ma, C. (2018). Impact of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices on cotton production and livelihood of farmers in Punjab, Pakistan. Sustainability, 10(6), 2101.

The paper by Imran et al (2019) reinforces a growing view within the scientific community that practices and technologies associated with Climate Smart Agriculture for growing cotton has significant financial, social as well as environmental advantages over conventional practices.