Christen, E. W., Mitchell, M., Roth, C., & Rowley, E. (2019). Addressing research complexity: Analysing pathways to impact and using transdisciplinary approaches. Agricultural Science, 30/31(2/1), 32-43.;dn=792391440077138;res=IELHSS

This paper draws on the experiences of researchers involved in ACIAR projects, including our Groundwater Project in Pakistan, to describe why building partnerships between researchers and research users is beneficial when pursuing research for development involving complex contexts. The authors argue that a participatory, outcomes-oriented approach to research, where research activities are determined together with […]

Imran, M. A., Ali, A., Ashfaq, M., Hassan, S., Culas, R., & Ma, C. (2019). Impact of climate smart agriculture (CSA) through sustainable irrigation management on resource use efficiency: A sustainable production alternative for cotton. Land Use Policy, 88, 104113.

The paper by Imran et al. (2019) draws on research exploring factors influencing adopters and non-adopters by cotton farmers of water use efficiency adaptations. The research revealed that easy access to credit, provision of extension services, awareness regarding Climate Smart Agriculture, availability of good quality groundwater and tubewell ownership rights significantly enhance efficiency in the […]

Imran, M., Ali, A., Ashfaq, M., Hassan, S., Culas, R. J., & Ma, C. (2018). Impact of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices on cotton production and livelihood of farmers in Punjab, Pakistan. Sustainability, 10(6), 2101.

The paper by Imran et al (2019) reinforces a growing view within the scientific community that practices and technologies associated with Climate Smart Agriculture for growing cotton has significant financial, social as well as environmental advantages over conventional practices.